Friday, June 27, 2008

It is here.

Classes are here, and vacation is rapidly kissing, or at least barely brushing, our cheeks goodbye. Mine went bye-bye a little bit earlier. I do not care if you got my joke or not, or if you thought that that was something serious and informative, but the deal is: classes are here, for 3months, then sembreak, then classes again.

My vacation was fun, actually. Not every college kid in the has watched the 10 seasons of Friends in a 3-month period, or so i think. Maybe they may have had lives to party and drink and get pregnant, so they didn’t want to. Plus, I got to watch the first 4 seasons[read: pre-Writer’s Guild Strike] of The Office. HA! That is a wonderful, wonderful sitcom. Let me just get to the pirated DVDs and pick out the latest seasons.

Let me tell you something: Law & Order isn’t so bad after all. Of course, kids wouldn’t watch that, but it’s really good tv. I am watching Law & Order Criminal Intent, and it’s a very decent, intellectual, and sexy, if you find either deaths or good detectives, or both, sexually titillating. Very, very classy, and obviously for the more mature audience, very much alike Sopranos. Last sembreak, we watched Sopranos, but never really got to finish the last season, so I think catching up is to be in place. Anyway, there is similarity in both series: the seriousness of the characters, and bright actors, and the beautiful storyline. Of course, Sopranos brings in the rather explicit sexual scenes and breast exposures, but still, golden. L&OCI isn’t that serious at all, though, and less drama, but delivers well, anyway.

Au contraire, I cannot stand more than two straight episodes watching it. My brain couldn’t go and process as much. See, when I watch Friends, at least six episodes, I can take, but L&OCI, I really can’t. Sure, I can just let the video play, and I’ll watch, without thinking, but the satisfaction is not in there. Thinking hard and understanding the process of investigation, the plot twists, the bright suspects, the brain is active all the way, and that is what is making it sexy and slick.

Also, what I did in the vacation, except my two-day getaway, was watch the Roland Garros French Open ’08. I did not really catchis when it started, but I got myself immersed into watching the very cool sport of tennis, and to the very beautiful Sharapova [I already knew her way back, but haven’t seen her play] and Ivanovic [no.1 in the world and she;s just 19, I think]. And look at how Nadal plays, very exciting. I just caught some games on tv, but I watched the finals [still, on tv. I can’t go to France, can I?].

I still remember the first game I got to watch, with Sharapova and some girl. Great thing about watching it on tv is that you really see it, without a very tempting head to kick that belongs to the person in front of you, and no feet cramping the floor except yours, and you can hear the grunting as the players hit the ball. Imagine a woman giving birth, the grunt of every push. Now, subdue that a little, and maybe pick out curse words, if your imaginary mother is that profane, and go about 10 feet away. There it is. Funny thing, every grunt is like a cry of distress, and it is the only window of weakness I see in these tall, muscular men and women players. Ah, I very much want to come to France to watch it all live. Ah, riches of the corrupt politicians, come hither, come to me, please.

Err--, that is what I’ve got to say.


Ivanovic won the Women’s, Nadal got the Men’s.