Friday, July 11, 2008

Waking Up [OR not] from a Muthafukin-ish Bad Dream.


you wake up every time, away from dreams and fresh with somehow rejuvenated eyes. i don't get that, how can someone's life be so not hectic. kids, do not get this life.

so then, what if you dont wake up? what if you think you've awoken, then rub your eyes, then go brush your teeth, forget to brush your tongue, put on decent-smelling clothes for work, then leave? no problem in that. it is the normal life you've chosen to lead. problem in there is that, you don't realize your dream hasn't stopped yet, and you walk and eat and then sleep, wake up in that same dream again.

kind of sci-fi, isn't this what? by the time you've known you are in the dream, living it, you can choose to either continue it, or wake up. this is not the matrix, kids. this is real life, not in mine, but in two persons'. one chose to live the dream, get soaked in the dirt and grime and slime and fun; while the other would want to get out, and get drenched in the real life crap all of us deal with. both worlds do have equal parts of dirty, grinning, weird faces, so watch out, you two, and all of us.

you dont understand all this, do you, unknowing patron? i dont too. i dont get why would one get out of this life to live in another, which is the same.

i take that this is how it goes, as i plot out an example: I go to the mall, then walk around and frolic til dinner time. would i get home? or would i go somewhere lights still shine, day's dont start, nights light up with liquor?

it's getting farther to where we think is great, but do we get back to our normal selves?

do you get me? i dont get me.



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