Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Albert goes Psychotic!! Eats foot for dinner!!

Nag-discuss si Doc Gonzaga last psych period ng personality disorders. At dahil paranoid ako, feeling ko may sira na din ako. Tingin ko may combo ng psychoses na nangyayari sakin. Etiology? Hmm. None that I am reminded of, except traumatic deficiencies in high school, and parental forces.

Now, while listening, and I am, of course, listening INTENTLY, the symptoms seemed to make sense. It was like a bucket of water splashed on you with the purpose of waking you up, and you want to wake up, so you let them do it. the splash felt like, “There it is! I’m good and awake.”

There they are. Thanks, DSM-IV.

The symptoms are coming together to form one big, fat, one-eyed, very sick diagnosis [or -es].

And as I sat there, half-listening, half-assessing my psychotic potential, paranoia kicked in; I felt that everyone was watching my reaction, and when I’m finished with my assessment of this mind of mine, they’ll be, too, and then everyone would be calling me lunatic. because my bewildered face sold me out.

The disorders, though meant then a life of unending lunacy and consciousness’ mutilation, sounded milder that the ones on TV. No one’s going Emily Rose, thank God [how clever a sentence]. But still, unease was all over felt.

The slideshow neared ending, and the treatment schemes came into view. Prognosis, said in the slide, is poor, though early treatment would be good, since like a metal bar, Doc Gonzaga’s comparison showed, the human brain proves safer and easier to bend without much rust. Yea, something like that.


But then something went "ding!" inside.

While i sat there, lamenting the future death of my dying sanity, something came to my realization; the 'symptoms' do not completely fit the checklist for any of the psychoses. hurrah. and this proves me of my crazed paranoia. but that is another disorder.


Nakalimutan ko na na dapat nag-Tagalog ako sa blog. Oh well.

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