Friday, December 26, 2008

Communism is a very wonderful thing.

Communism is a very wonderful thing.

From high school lectures, communism was put upon all china by Mao Tse Tung/ Zedong.

his power didn't go all the way over to Taiwan, however, because that's where people went to escape, lead by Chiang Kai-Shek. it would've been really tragic, and a real freaking exercise in futility, if communism reached them there. okay, it's not very funny, and not important in this entry.

Though I invite all of you who read to correct any misleading content. My intelligence is humble enough.

communism is all about LIVING equally, from what i know. no rich people, no poor, all middle, working class. it could be described by the statement, "I eat what you eat, every single day of the week, until we both die of monotony and excessive monosodium-glutamate from Chinese food. and we'd be buried the same six feet underground, freaking dead-parallel[pardon the pun] along each other."

living it, in my danger-free conjecture, would maybe look like gossip girl being robbed of all her gossip and sources, then giving it to the public. then she'd be normal, out-in-the-open, just like the people she doesn't stalk.

the world would then be free from the insanely dense rich, who are just annoying to see act like the only children of god; that is, if they care enough about religion and faith; or a higher power other than gold. an image good enough is Regina from mean girls.

next to be out would be the lazy poor, many of which are incredibly fertile, i might add. get off your butts, people, WORK. get your children off the streets and do your own work. stop having sex like it's the only thing humans are meant to do. every Christmas there just seems to be more of those poor little children begging alms from the cars at every stoplight intersection.

the middle-class like myself would be affected not by much. that is comforting a thought, albeit deathly boring.

and not only boring. communism was put to stop because it puts to a STOP all human potential.

it was keeping the human being from getting better. when you are a worker, you never EVER become the manager. Mao controls you, me, all of us.

and of course, no one would agree with that, being tied up to where he is and never let go until retirement [from life, possibly].

and so, that's how badly-loved and well-hated communism came to be.

and it's just as beautiful but wicked democracy is.

the only problem is that, the former was not acceptable subjectively.

objectively, it is plausible.

Happy Holidays, everyone. =)

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