Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Get Naked, Crazy B!tch!!

I look to the setting sun

To take a look at what is gone

To take a look at what you’ve done

To me, by you, darling

The horizon continues to take you in

Back to where you’ve been

Far from where I’m in

Overlooking you, my darling

The sun brings back many things

Your smoldering eyes, those Jolie lips

The things we did just for kicks

I’m looking for you, darling

So why, why do you keep me hanging

Why leave me hurting

Why keep me guessing

Why can’t you just lead me on to where you are

Coz I long to touch you, my shooting star

Take me to where you are

I’ll tread the trenches

Climb the cliffs

I promise you, darling, I’ll take all the risks

Because I’ve been wanting

Waiting for your love

Longing for your kiss

Your touch

Them’s all I really miss, my darling

So don’t keep ‘em all, my darling.



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