Monday, December 29, 2008

Isumpa mo kay Ploning, ang emo na dalaga ng Palawan.

i watched Ploning this morning. great movie, nice story, nice shots. definite eye candy, i say. not so great acting though by some of the actors. judy ann santos, gina pareno, ketchup eusebio, ces quesada, mylene dizon and the greater part of the cast did very, very tasteful acting. some didn't, but they aren't really actors, so i'll save the acid. but the bad acting isn't enough, thankfully, to turn the film into something very excruciating. so, great job, mister-director-sir.

one notable thing about the movie is the cinematography. the lush, picturesque landscape of cuyo, palawan was imprinted onto celluloid with such graceful colors and lights; the beauty is truly captured, with every shadow cast, every ray of light, every shade of gray is in place, truly wonderful.

a song in the movie, played in the beginning while the shadows of ploning, the heroine, and her lover, tomas, suggested some sweet love making in the lamplight, was very catching, save for the language barrier. bea-u-ti-ful. entitled ploning, the song gave the inspiration for the movie.

the lyrics are in cuyonon, palawan's main dialect, but there are tagalog translations. there are two, actually. one is the original tagalog translation, and another translation was made for the movie. i don't know why another was needed, but i choose to not lose sleep over it.

her are excerpts from the three versions:

[3rd stanza]
Pagsarig kanaken
Tedek sa akeng leba
Ang akeng bisara
Tigbas mo sa bato
Kemkemen sa panyo
Indi engued ag kupas
Maski ara ren ang lawas.

[literal Tgalog translation]
Magtiwala ka sa akin
Tapat sa loob ko
Ang mga sinasabi ko
Itaga mo sa bato
Balutin ng panyo
Hinding-hindi kukupas
Kahit wala na ang katawan ko.

[the other Tagalog translation]
Ako’y sumusumpa
Sa puso nagmumula
Sana’y magtiwala…
Itaga sa bato
Balutin ng panyo
Kailanma’y di kukupas
Kahit hanggang wakas.

poignant, yes?

the song's originally told, or sung, in a man's point of view. the story is of his leaving his love, ploning, and then of the lamentations, whilst she waits for his return. the movie, however, was told in ploning's POV.

Nice movie. I say watch it. the start may need a little warming up to, for there is a big character list. the intro to the movie may seem more like a bombardment. but you'll get settled in the first 20minutes of the 90plus minutes of the movie.

The movie is included in the Oscars, nominated for best foreign language film, i think. gosh.

the movie, i think, is a cultural immersion in itself. tagalog is minimal in the movie. cuyonon, the dialect, is used more.

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