Friday, December 12, 2008

[OMG, it rhymes] The Sun Rises From the Breast.

The Sun Rises from the Breast

The sun rises from the breast
Of the earth and touches
My resting eyes. I pressed
Them shut further, he reaches
Still to pry into my deceiving
And abhorrent and guilty
Flesh. There is no halting,
It is clear. I open slightly
The windows to my heart
To let sunshine in, to let
Myself to embrace a start
Of a new day. Without regret
I did so, and bathed in
Warmth. It gladly kissed
My flesh, licked my skin.
I see and feel the cold mist
Wafting through the morning
Air. No escape for the tired
And restless in silent hiding.
The sun rose, gloriously fired
A myriad of dreams fleeing.


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