Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Scandalous List [Which you aren't a part of, SORRY].

So here's my List.

I don't mind other people's lists, if anyone understood [or had time to even read] what the previous post was all about, because I really do not have much beef and bad blood between people.
Besides, being indifferent is best.

so here it is, and this I keep truthful, adherent to the 'rules' [however non-watertight they were as i wrote them], free from BS, and in alphabetical order.


* -I don't know how to do it, the way you did it, and maybe still you do, and i stay still not knowing. maybe in time, if maybe the feeling is right enough, maybe when tastes ripen.


* - I don't get you. Many do, I think, but still the love isn't overflowing. You are one of those people, the multitude, i do not really appreciate nor respect nor like even a bit because of the air you carry about yourself, and how your dudes [or ex-dudes] act the way they do, which is on a 'high'.


* - Really mature, mister. "That was real mature", i repeat the sarcasm. Now I believe you when you said that you aren't really smart, because, darn, you really aren't. That was one darned thing to do, and not talk. Whew, wasted were my words. You're face is kind of ugly, though. So there.


* - To you i dedicate the All-American Reject single, "Gives You Hell". And dare I be specific? Let me. So here:

"When you see my face
I hope it gives you hell...

If you find a man that's
Worth the damn and treats you well
Then he's a fool, you're just as well
hope it gives you hell...

You can take back your memories
They're no good to me..."

Being bitter is not the best way to feel, and thankfully I am not. And you can take care of doing it on your end.
I hope you die from VD, and be happy while acquiring it, on your ass or your ugly face, which is a manner most UNORTHODOX.

Can't wait to meet you and finally bring torturous pain.


* - Tama na ang kayabangan at kasungitan, e ang bobo mo naman. Walang kwenta kung anu meron ka, kasi talagang sobrang bobo mo.

It's bittersweet that I am feeling this as I write this.
[Shit, kelangan ko pala mag-Tagalog baka kasi hindi mo maintindihan.]

Ang nararamdaman ko ay magkahalong pait at tamis habang isinusulat ko ito.
Kawawa ka, ang tanda-tanda mo na, call center agent ka pa rin. Pambatang trabaho lang yan.


* - I've nothing to say but Sorry, and maybe friendship is not far from here. I loved the talking, you're really smart. Again, Sorry. =)


* - Whoa, girl. No, you are not the cause of all the confusion. The confusion is making it all worse, though. So, as a friend, may I ask of you to lower your pride and have a nice conversation with them? Maybe some Understanding is all it would take to bring us all back together.



The List may or may not include you, though I'll be quick to point out that these people, which i chose not to name, are from all of the three circles of friends[or acquaintances] i keep, so no need to feel paranoid.

Maybe it's not you. =)

Lucky are those who do not read my blog.

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