Thursday, December 18, 2008

We are all monkeys, all trying to get about to tearing each other's eyes out. [IT RHYMES AGAIN!]

the title's irrelevant. do not mind that. should there be a law dictating the importance of an accurate title, then i am breaking it deliberately [and with no shame at all].

now that the exams are going away [Hurray all you want, i am indifferent] and christmas is coming [to town] to rob our banks once more and steal the warmth from everything alive and nonliving, another hiatus from classes [or hell, agree?] is comin' 'round. and this vacation of some sort should be a time to [heal? mend?] curse the [effin'] heck off the faces of people we abhor [soo much].

but kidding aside, we really should, before christmastime comes.

so i have devised a plan to do just that, given that all the people you hate are all literate.

the plan is to make a list of the seven statements for the seven people you hate most [not counting political figures, the dead and undead, the inanimate, the devil, and God Almighty].
you can choose not to write the names, but no codenames.

maybe you'd like to arrange them according to the alphabetical order of the names, and in case you do not put any, you can do so by first writing down all the names and the words you've got to tell that person, then arrange them by copy-paste-ing, then erase all the names [if you still want to].

But wait, there is more: you can also be as brutally honest by telling the truth [about how long they've been a part of your twisted life, and how badly they'd entangled themselves around you that they may not be able to get away someday'.]

like so:

Angelina Jolie - Adopt me.
Edilberto Gonzaga, MD - I never liked you.
Santa Claus - I hope you didn't forget my wishlist, you fat buffoon.
Steph - I like your new hair. But I don't loooove it.
Stephen King - How?

*- Adopt me.
*- I never liked you.
*- I hope you didn't forget my wishlist, you fat buffoon.
*- I like your new hair. But I don't loooove it.
*- How?

Or you could opt for initials. [Adopt me, AJ]

Of course, it'd be more favorable [and fun and scandalous and controversial] to use the seven slots in the list for the seven people you really need to talk to [or say sorry, i love you, whatever, to]. because some people really need talking to.

So this is my way of telling you people to HURRY AND MAKE UP.
the drama is creeping into me and it is not making me happy and being neutral is not much to do to make it all good again.

but of course, there really is a number of people i'd like to hurl much invectives at, until their ugly faces are ugly no more, because they'll no longer be faces.


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