Friday, January 30, 2009

My LATEST piece of Poetry. "ODE TO CRS"

Ode to CRS

Nothing like a rest day

To alleviate any day
In the CRS, where there is no rest
Where the mind-boggling is the test
Where i study all day and barely pass
And i use the failed papers to wipe my a--

Where the jocks and nerds go to get hell,
You get in happy; then go out not so well,
Every minute of every day, there is whining
About the papers and the lectures,"Man, oh so boring!"
But everyone forgets about the silver lining
First you get roughed-up, then come out shining

The patients of the world need their rehabilitation
Seriously, even Hollywood, Bollywood, throughout the nation
Give 'em
the assessments, the stretches, all the works
Be friendly and nice as you smoothen out the quirks

We'll be practicing one of the greatest sciences ever
Too bad, though, we can't practice on someone with a fever
But there's always Med school, not too far
And we'll surely get through, because that's who we are.

PEACE =) -albert.

**IN MY HEAD, this sounded like a rap song. Anyway, if it feels like a normal poem, then it's fine. There's no difference, anyway.

**SORRY FOR THE PROFANITY. I don't really wipe my ass with the exam papers. Hehe.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Eating worms, Chewing mud.

in order to study well, one has to have an adequate amount of interest.

i have a fairly sufficient possession of interest in what i study, though i'd give anything to have at least half-of-half of a nerd's share.

the nerd has it all: interest, determination, and zero social life [though i have to agree that the last one we both have].

plus, of course, a nerd has an above average level of intellect, enabling him to process all the shi--sorry--i mean, STUFF he picks up.


*excuse me, for i have to vomit all my stomach's contents, plus my heart..* Xb

Going back to reality...

yes, now i am trying harder to study. and of course, i get through to doing the studying.

physiology graphs kill me, and all the logic pours acid onto my gut.
anatomy, well, takes me for a ride and i feel like i'll end up on a gurney everytime.

psychology leaves me clueless. i feel raped, [don't we all]? plus, the prof is someone very annoying. see below:

PROBLEM: test papers run out, leaving six or so students with no test papers to answer.
SOLUTION: perfect scores for the students who didn't get papers.

RATIONALE [roughly what the prof said, or implied]: i am the teacher, i rule you all.
RETORT [by the utterly astonished crowd of students]: unfair! [of course]
DEFENSE: *same as Defense
RETORT: it's not you who makes the grade, but the students.
DEFENSE: your grades are not affected by their perfect scores. more importantly, i rule you all!
RETORT: but we all studied for this test! why not just make them another test?
DEFENSE: just think of it this way, not all of us are born good-looking, and you couldn't do anything about it, right? it's just like failing a test.
RETORT: FIRST, beauty is subjective; grades on the other hand, are objective. SECOND, to be born pretty is dictated by luck, which is a friggin' galaxy away from studying hard.
DEFENSE: hate me as you like; bear the greatest grudge; anyway, don't be hating the students i've given perfect scores to. they've no fault.
RETORT: duh. really, DUH. good thing, though, that you expect only hate from us. we'd be giving you a really big serving. anyway, we're surely mature enough to to put blame on any of those students.


then, when we all realize that we all can't do or say anything to bend his darned-awful judgment.

and that's how psychology made less sense to me.
back then, it stirs up so much interest in me. classifying people, learning more, understanding further the people around me, brought me much gusto. that was then.

oh well, that part ended ugly.

don't tell that i wrote about him.

he's really, really unreasonable.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

hmm. school once again is scaring the sh!t outta me.

hmm. school once again is scaring the sh!t outta me.

first, i didn't sign up for torture.
second, my body still is on holiday mode [but it always is].

so then why go back to study PT?
[i talk as if i've just been from hibernation. but, hey, i hate school that much.]

i'll finally get to return cheung's book: IT by Stephen King. the book kept me company while trying to sleep throughout the christmas celebration. christmas morning was when i finished reading the last page, ads and order forms included.

and now i'm back to crime and punishment, a book i intend to read again immediately after finishing it, albeit satisfying the first reading, and beautiful as a piece of literature. maybe in a month and a half i'll finish it, and i'm crossing my fingers.

i'll end being a nerd temporarily after reading the dostoyevsky. being a nerd is hard, especially when homework is piling up and sleep is scarce.

school? nope. i still hate it. give me a dozen novels to read in a year and i'd be happier. school and studying are two things that are hateful. hateful. hateful. and they go together well. how nice.

enough of this crap. i again am practicing a so-called talent that i myself, and i know you too, do not find entertainment in. it's a talent i don't wield very well, and that nobody enjoys. how tragic it is.