Saturday, January 3, 2009

hmm. school once again is scaring the sh!t outta me.

hmm. school once again is scaring the sh!t outta me.

first, i didn't sign up for torture.
second, my body still is on holiday mode [but it always is].

so then why go back to study PT?
[i talk as if i've just been from hibernation. but, hey, i hate school that much.]

i'll finally get to return cheung's book: IT by Stephen King. the book kept me company while trying to sleep throughout the christmas celebration. christmas morning was when i finished reading the last page, ads and order forms included.

and now i'm back to crime and punishment, a book i intend to read again immediately after finishing it, albeit satisfying the first reading, and beautiful as a piece of literature. maybe in a month and a half i'll finish it, and i'm crossing my fingers.

i'll end being a nerd temporarily after reading the dostoyevsky. being a nerd is hard, especially when homework is piling up and sleep is scarce.

school? nope. i still hate it. give me a dozen novels to read in a year and i'd be happier. school and studying are two things that are hateful. hateful. hateful. and they go together well. how nice.

enough of this crap. i again am practicing a so-called talent that i myself, and i know you too, do not find entertainment in. it's a talent i don't wield very well, and that nobody enjoys. how tragic it is.

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