Friday, January 30, 2009

My LATEST piece of Poetry. "ODE TO CRS"

Ode to CRS

Nothing like a rest day

To alleviate any day
In the CRS, where there is no rest
Where the mind-boggling is the test
Where i study all day and barely pass
And i use the failed papers to wipe my a--

Where the jocks and nerds go to get hell,
You get in happy; then go out not so well,
Every minute of every day, there is whining
About the papers and the lectures,"Man, oh so boring!"
But everyone forgets about the silver lining
First you get roughed-up, then come out shining

The patients of the world need their rehabilitation
Seriously, even Hollywood, Bollywood, throughout the nation
Give 'em
the assessments, the stretches, all the works
Be friendly and nice as you smoothen out the quirks

We'll be practicing one of the greatest sciences ever
Too bad, though, we can't practice on someone with a fever
But there's always Med school, not too far
And we'll surely get through, because that's who we are.

PEACE =) -albert.

**IN MY HEAD, this sounded like a rap song. Anyway, if it feels like a normal poem, then it's fine. There's no difference, anyway.

**SORRY FOR THE PROFANITY. I don't really wipe my ass with the exam papers. Hehe.

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Rian Gabor said...

uy, i like this! hehe! you write good poems and blog entries ah. :)keep it up. :)