Friday, February 27, 2009


The facebook has come.
and there is not a bit of denial in myself, and i am sure i share this sentiment with many more, that it's the next big thing. i've seen this with friendster, when i first encountered it in '03.

but where would multiply fit in?

of course, or so i honestly believe, friendster has nothing compared to multiply.
since multply happened to me, friendster-usage had decreased, in a pace so rapid that i don't even remember what my URL is. eventually, i stopped using it altogether, blogs and albums and all. multipy has all of those coolnesses plus a much more user-friendly interface.

multiply allows me to cross-post my blogs to my blogger account []. i am not so sure if friendster does that, though i still wouldn't care if it really does. plus, file uploading and downloading became easier.

now, what about the facebook? it doesn't do blog [i haven't seen it yet], no file uploads, and the interface is so darned complicated. even virtual flinging of virtual mud pies are hard.

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