Thursday, February 19, 2009

I THINK she has decent inner thighs.

Lady GaGa, i mean.

pardon the indecent comment about the decency of her inner things. pardon my unacceptable, brash, unthinking remark.

but when one is talked about to be walking the streets of the city in her panties, dancing in her undies in her music video whilst exposing a probably powdered pair of legs in a "close-open-close-OPEEEN" fashion, then the so-called indecency i write pales into the background, bearing no contrast to the truth.

and talking about it, creating a blog entry just for it, then makes her, as a person, not only her shiny pair of walking legs, worthy of more attention.

smart move she did, and still does, showcasing her legs for all the public to see.

but maybe i should talk about her talent. she sings. she's not only a pair of legs with ONLY panties on. but i think she wears pants on occasion, like valentine's. Maybe.

you have to get out of living under a rock to get what im saying. having done that, now read intently.

lady gaga is not a transvestite, or a man who got operated to look like a girl. the name is a big misnomer. i was once confused too. haha. i thought maybe she's one of those weird people trying to put on a show so hollywood would take a chance.

she didn't get to hollywood, and she'd no tranny [pardon my politically incorrect term].

she's pure sweet girl. kinda short, but that makes her cuteness grow more.

talent? she has it. watch out for her legs. and try to look at her face too, if you get the chance. haha.that's all i can say for now. i havent seen much of her. of course im not looking at her legs everytime i see her video. school work had to be done, so video watching had to stop. hmmph.

haha. Lady GaGa. look her up.

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