Friday, February 20, 2009


"let's lick the yema til not a spot of it is dry, shining wet, so moist,
let's lick the yema til the flavorful essence encompasses the being,

let's roll it, play with it in our mouths.
let's roll it til there's none of it left."

deviating from the senseles, albeit sensual and suggestive poem, i am going to write about a certain person who, everyday and in every way, makes us all happy, during rain or when it shines, and maybe even when snow comes to conquer our tropical land of polluted minds and mouths.

"Hi, guys.."

Here she comes...

"..would you like to.."

She's coming near...

" some?.."

Seriously, she's nearer!

"...I have yema and chocolate pastillas"

And you've got no place to hide to.

and that's how ate yema [to me, she doesn't have a real name. i don't know it yet] gets to sell her ware. her sweet yema.

her history i do not know of. i first saw her and her bagful of sweet things back then when i was going to class at the sixth floor. she was a nursing atudent back then, wearing her white nurse' uniform. her opening speech was so long ["hi, guys, would you like to..."] i got lost so soon. but i got the gist: she was selling her things[yema, etc].

and this still goes on. now she wears civvies, having graduated the program.

and now she bears not only yema. but also cookies. maybe she has SPACE CAKES, but i dare not ask for fear of getting FARTHER into space and not coming back [because of eating the said cakes].

one time toyang and i were getting into the classroom, to eat what we've bought from the cafe.

i opened the door for her, and at the exact same moment, yema-lady was going out.

the two ladies saw each other, face to face.

"Hey, girl, you want some?". her attitude i sensed as i held the door open for the two of them

to which toyang replied,"Damn right, bee-yaatch, i want some o' dat sumthin'". [this statement didn't really take place. toyang said 'ok'. just that.]

and then the transaction took place, then toyang proceeded to take a small bite into her yema.

another funny incident was related to me by kayne. she was walking with rej at the carpark, i think, when yema-lady suddenly sprung up to them and said,"hi, rej and ABBY..."

Who's abby, no one knows. yema-lady has got some serious yema obsruction in her ear, which, along with the other one, dangle really low because of the huge earrings.

++that's all for now. =)

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Rian Gabor said...

i know her!!! bumibili din kami sa kanya! didnt know she's that famous ah, or masugid lang talaga syang manligaw este magbenta ng kanyang "yamah!" hahaha.

"hi guys, would you like to buy some YAMAH!?" heehee.