Friday, March 27, 2009

All good has started.

of course, there had just been a widespread scare over the lingering schooldays due to the magnitude of the remedial exams, of which i take one for a certain subject. of course, failures, or waiting for it, would bring a next level to dread. worst thing that could come would be debarment, and that means waving goodbye to three years of hard-forced toil.

the impending remedial exam really did scare the living hope out of me. i could end up nowhere, and i could be doing nothing, if ever i fail. that would be due to shame, and death, if ever my worst fears of ending up as garbage, i.e, bumming around and jobless, would be that imposing, and the realization that it might come true hardens into the mould.

and, thankfully, people hear what some people need doing for themselves, and friends offered more than hands to help me get through. seriously, if not for everyone's help, i might as well have not taken the exam.

there had been three or four days straight--full of studying, one-on-one lectures, graphs, guyton's physio books, quickly shakes, and fear-- and not once did everyone falter. the effort all gave is effort well-spent. thanks, guys.


of course, i passed.
i'd be really, really pissed if i hadn't.
it'd be disgraceful, and shameful, and could even be disrespectful. the measures taken in order to cram everything as systematically as a group of students can is taken to be very efficient, i would say from experience.

and then it was pure joy after all the hard work. the promise to myself that i'd never let this happen again, having grades so low i had to take remeds, was of course, still burning.

you've just got to love one thing.

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