Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lady GaGa putting an inflatable Killer Whale against her crotch.

There is text after the pics.

i still havent acquired the lady gaga inner thigh pics. i cant get a decent still from her Beautiful, Dirty, Rich music video. she's stuffing her mouth with money in that video, which is not very stimulating. i mean, that's wrong, all-out wrong.

however, above are stills from another video. the pictures showing her straddling an inflatable orca[or killer whale] are, erm--cute. she also rubs the orca's snout between her boobies, which i think isnt purposeful except for art's sake.

and she's coming here, august 11. i dont know if i'd go. passes are not cheap; and my time isnt free. i mean, i dont have time for myself.

blogging is only for the weekend only, apparently, for me.

Was the Potter movie good? Better than the Order.

Better than the Order of the Phoenix.

i watched the latest hp movie, hp6, with my bestfriend, CAMB, or 'stupid biatch'.

and i saw that david yates directed it well, and the additional helping of darkness into the movie certainly helped. the darkness worked itself into my heart. a snake straight out of a swamp, slithering into an unknowing and empty sleeping bag of some camper. [then dead camper in the morning, foaming in the mouth]

the lines were not very good, but passed. of course, that's no Doubt, where seymour-hoffman and streep did very good jobs delivering what the playwright[what's his name, i forgot.] wrote. and i wouldn't call the acting horrid, but it wasn't top-class either. so maybe, mediocre.

[mediocre. i remember ms. bolanos, and how, somehow, her dermatomes are misplaced, allegedly; and what a quack she is when demo-ing her mind-reading tricks. anyway, i still kinda liked her.]

the potter kid acted like how anyone would with a problem. and maybe his problem was that he's going to die, or the headmaster of the school would die, his girlfriend would die, or if the afro giant man is going to be affected. [i dont know, i forgot the whole series. i didnt even get to the last book. got bored.]

and every other character was just about as good as the potter kid actor.

then there was the helena bonham-carter actress, who did pretty well acting all funny and crazed. the mother weasly added a new emotion: sadness, as she looked at the house being engulfed in flames; and rupert grint did what he could do: trying to act. and his love-sick face and mannerisms were the most annoying of all. well, then i guess he did good. that hermione girl was doing it again with her accent, very thick, almost fake, and sometimes sounding very prude and i want to smash her mouth ["please talk as normal people do! and dont make it all look so fake"]. but it hink she's gotten better, and i have to commend her effort.

hmm. the camera did better. shots were interesting, i especially liked the shot from the bottom of stairwell of the burrows [right? the red-hair ron weasly house] when everyone looked down. the dumbledore drinking murky water was my favorite part. the silence was good, the blackness of everything else was also wonderfully rendered. the balance was good.

and im no good or fair critic. but i liked the potter 6, and wouldn't mind watching it again on the big-screen. i could watch it by myself, and i want to, because two very talkative ladies at my right were watching the movie, and at the same time reviewing among the both of them how the story would go. thank you, you noisy bi*ches. hahaha.

WAIT! i have to tell how i felt about dumbledore and the rest of the faculty. i felt that Dumbledore had his 'Gandalf' moments. i hope you get what i mean. but i'll tell it anyway: he looked like gandalf on some shots. strikingly-gandalf-ish. and the old woman professor mcgonagall, the lines in her face tells me she hasnt cared to wash her face before going to bed for the past 200years. snape still had that hair-do, and i still would be hesitant to touch it, lest i want some oil for my hands.

luna lovegood was very efficient. very nice. i liked how the lion blinked with her eveytime she did. and of course, being the main kook, that's a tough job to pull off. and maybe she'll be a real actress someday.

and lavender brown did a great job of making everyone laugh. she's not the hottest, but she's funny. the mist drawing on the train was classic. epic, even. it displayed how lovesick she exactly was, and how she is oblivious of how stupid she seemed.

and i think malfoy, the actor who played him, is going to be a very ugly actor in the future. hmm, so there's a signal to get good in acting, and maybe spare the coke [the drug]. let Seal, that very good singer and husband of supermodel Heidi Klum, be an example: not so pretty face, very good with talent.

the voldemort kid was, as my bestfriend whispered, very gay. he was, in my opinion, very menacing to look at.


-Helena-Bonham Carter [she played the accomplice of Sweeney Todd in Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street.]

- Dumbledore drinking water from the pedestal
- the sadness of the sometimes annoyingly happy Weasleys
- how 'pimp-ish' malfoy looks with his get-up

- the Vanishing Cabinet
- when Helena-bonham carter conjures up a brushfire
- when dumbledore sets the gollum-looking creatures on fire in order to save harry
- the ending part, where they all gather around the dead dumbledore, and they put their wands us to disperse the dark mark.
- lavender brown, that horny bitch.

- no Voldemort encounter [why?!}
- McGonagall's age showing on her face
- Snape's shampoo-resistant hair
- the birds dying in the cabinet
- harry potter and ginny weasley sparking up a romance
- the flirty negra at the start of the movie. she certainly did a lot to make the english railways a tourist hot-spot. maybe now the diners in england are part of the red-light district.