Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lady GaGa putting an inflatable Killer Whale against her crotch.

There is text after the pics.

i still havent acquired the lady gaga inner thigh pics. i cant get a decent still from her Beautiful, Dirty, Rich music video. she's stuffing her mouth with money in that video, which is not very stimulating. i mean, that's wrong, all-out wrong.

however, above are stills from another video. the pictures showing her straddling an inflatable orca[or killer whale] are, erm--cute. she also rubs the orca's snout between her boobies, which i think isnt purposeful except for art's sake.

and she's coming here, august 11. i dont know if i'd go. passes are not cheap; and my time isnt free. i mean, i dont have time for myself.

blogging is only for the weekend only, apparently, for me.

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