Sunday, August 2, 2009

people be mindful

or 'how hard i laugh at politicians'

it goes like this: HAHAHA in the biggest font size, in bold type.

i dont care anymore about politics. not because of the destiny that my parents are imposing unto me, where i go forth to foreign lands to peddle therapeutic services, and then reap sack-fuls of money. i'd be happier to fulfill it, hadn't i been a human with his own will. so i'll be just half-happy getting rich; and maybe half-way, i shall get burnt-out, then do whatever i had really wanted to do.

now back to politics.

recently, i've been watching the news, Bandila on ABS-CBN (the show's slogan is quite good), and seeing Erap is new, though not entirely, amidst all the bad news. he's relatively new, compared to how much exposure everyone else have been getting, like the president, or barrack obama, or pokwang.

and Erap still talks that way, like a drunken dog with its tongue cut off at the root. he was mumbling. it really is important to determine whose speeches need subtitling, like how they do with freddie roach, pacman's coach. he used to do some boxing himself, and how he talks, like a roach, may have resulted from some serious punching at the kisser.

and Erap still talks crap. he was bashing the president, and her husband, and still is pretending to be COMPLETELY oblivious of how he came to be ousted. kind of pissed me off, that manner he talked.

everyone is trying to get at least someone get drowned into the pool of controversy, and i doubt that at least one of them is doing something for me.

i know i should write some more, but im tinatamad na. so wag na alng....zzzz.

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