Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blog of all blogs [of myself, at least]: Notes.

My phone harbors the idiosyncrasies that i hatch while [sometimes] not listening to the lectures [hence the remedials]. i log some of them into my phone, and hope that time will be available [finally]. the notes application is great, and it is good that i dont do scribbles over my notes; besides, my stylus is extinct [not only broke, for i cant find one SE shop that still carries one; therefore it is extinct] and i rest the carcass in my desk, maybe i'll use it for something next time. for now my finger and some random ballpoint pen are sufficient. the cold polished chrome styloid thing is missed truly by my prehension, but what could i do?

So here from the Notes:
Emotional Angina - this is what i plan to call my next heartache, presumably from some heartbreaking, painful failure. Watch out for the Levine's Sign.

Lacoste - Lactose - this i got from misreading the word ''lactose''. and then wondering what the heck ''lacoste'' [the brand] is doing floating in my o'sullivan book. now you know i read o'sullivan. i even refuse calling it only 'sullivan'. like from now on i would call my Ganong, 'William'.

Stimulate my Substantia Gelatinosa - now, i'd put this on a ladies'shirt. not misogynist, though not very conservative, either; imagine all the attention from the laymen, ''oh, i'd stimulate that gelatinous substance of yours, lady!''. medical people would only say,''how painful?'', then get those A-beta fibs firing.

Die, Virgin, DIE!: How sex is overrated, and how virginity really is in the mind only. - what have i got left to say? am i in the wrong country? should i blur this from the eyes of children. but really, wouldn't you say you agree? just a little? even just the virginity bit? I plan to start an article with this title, but only after i've done some reading from Freud.

To try to live is to try to invite as much people to your own funeral. - from this point-of-view, i say it works for me. now, without being too blatant: Who wants to come to mine? of course the RSVP is implied, but I'LL BE COUNTING.

''Hello, maam. Ako po si Albert, at ako po ang magpi-PITY sa inyo today.'' - roughly, how much is too much pity? i neither pity my pretend patients, nor my [future] real-life patients. yes, i know their pain, but only by numbers. no, i shall not drown with you in your own pool of self-pity. im high and dry and here only to treat. TENS, maam?

''I am putting my pen down; i am getting my days of rest;
Here's my taking of effort to bid my last request." - about a month ago, i [half-]vowed to never write again. i am not good; it's true, so why even try and make my effort? there is so much frustration enveloped in this little thought. hay. with this, i had planned to publish a list of my resentments and regrets and how could've everything gone differently, and perhaps, RIGHT. no one's telling, that's for sure, and maybe i could somehow fix this. my point is, i could have gone not into PT but creative writing; i could've have worked harder, read more, spoke better; there is so much that the present cannot give me, but it definitely gives me chances so i can try to make ME right. he he.

200 years old - I too often joke about his with Betty [this i use to refer to my mother]. i tell her that i'd hook her up to so much machinery to keep her living, she'd reach her 200s and beg to just die. of course, there is a dark comedy to it. another joke: I'd position her in her wake so she'd be sitting up like those McDonald statues on benches, and people could take pictures with Betty, with one of her arms on the mourner's shoulder. now admit this is creepy, but hey, all's a joke.

bUllShiT - note the caps. i was on my rebel streak that time. no one got hurt physically, good thing.

''I didnt come here to f--k, i came here to make love''. - one good essay exam topic from high school: Love and Sex. Mind you, those dashes between f and k weren't there in my essay. the teacher didn't mind; i got it perfectly figured out, hence the full marks. i just differentiated f--cking and making love. nothing wrong. one's wilder than the other, of course.

June 8 - Good Times with Mo Anniversary; October 19 - Mo Twister's Bday - I'm a fan, so what.

The Feminist Rapunzel would cut her own hair and make a rope out of it, then go down the tower by herself. - The prince would still be coming to rescue her, only to find her gone. But isn't he blind? or would be blinded by the witch when she finds and curses him? Rack up a point for the Feminist Rapunzel. she wouldn't be missing her hair, that's for sure. she'd sell it, then donate it to the poor, like Jo from Little Women.

Father: The Oxymoron - Here's the message i group-sent over the past Father's Day. Need i say more?

Meticulous, tidy, heavily Obsessive-Compulsive;
And endlessly dispensing tender care, lovingly intensive;
There much more to why we should love her,
Counting even her natural volatility, fury and anger."
We gotta love our Mums. Happy Mother's Day - here's for Mother's Day.

Am i already what i am destined to be? - rhetorical, and a soliloquy, of course. essentially, everything is by this statement. Have i reached the acme? nope. am i even doing everything correctly? i hope i have been.

Person 1: Please don't emotionally hurt me by poking--or stabbing, fun at my disorganized upbringing.

Person 2: We are all messed up; that is why we go so DARNED well as friends. Your problem is, that you find your being messed-up to be a downside. I'm blessed to have parents who didn't care enough.
*end scene*
-just something in my head i had to siphon into my phone.

I pray to God that in this dark hour
Keep me standing and not falter. - The request is still ongoing. Praying brings me peace of mind.

I cannot promise you forever, but i'll try my hardest to give you my everyday. - at least it's honest. nothing lasts forever, as told by the scientists studying the universe. Also, mass is not fixed: the speed of light guarantees infinite mass. or maybe i understood wrong.

I L-VE you like the morning sun's caress - fill-in the blank with your favorite vowel. i am not one to comment on this kind of statement, though i made it.

Earphones - single words really do not explain so much. but if i remember correctly, while riding the jeepney, this popped right out: i wondered if the area of function [or the area where sound comes out] of the earphones is proportional to the magnitude of sound of the conventional stereos, given that they are of the same engineering? i mean, if i put together [n] number of earphones together so that the the bundle is as big as a stereo, would they sound equally loud? useless piece of question.

Google Test - a test of google-manship, or search-manship. how few can one enter, with only keywords, to come up with the wanted result on top of the search results? i've decided to scrap this concept, after i've found out that sites, e.g facebook, wikipedia, pay google so that they always come first, when searching for, say people, or things.

WENDY IS A BITCH! - 'pinag-tripan si Wendy'. and she was just there, her reg fly-way, albeit braided, hair behind her smiling, freckle-speckled face along sides of sweating paper Frosty cups, and here i call her a bitch. for what reason? wala lang. i love her ketchup, though.

Sugar-shaking; Eyes Disguise
- a couple of compound words [that makes four] i've yet to invent meanings for. See that the first one is an alliteration. haha. like 'Peter Piper picked...'

Sleep deep - rhyming; though there isn't much to hide between the words.

MBTI ISTJ - some psych exam i took. turns out that i am a perfectionist. true. not true with my grades. but ''all or nothing'' is key to good work.