Thursday, November 12, 2009


i am in love, or in lust, with amy.

Amy Winehouse.

no, wait, scrap lust.

the vacation that had just ended permitted me to procure [illegally, im telling you now] two of her albums, both deluxe editions [i told you it was illegal], of her.

she's singing sexy in some tracks, not so in some. 'not so' meant she seemed more pounded than that white powder she sniffs. some tracks she may be only screaming, but i dont mind. she's great.

wonderful, at times almost drunken, melody riding some very crookedly themed songs. interesting, how she puts conviction onto songs written alluding to her cheating, her being cheated, third parties, and stuff. particularly green stuff[maybe weed, but i dont really know] .

crooked melodies over crooked british teeth.
im not profiling.
some asians have bad teeth too.
nonsense. anyway.

but she sings really good. she brings sex to her music, or at least, where it's needed.

about her habits, i'll pass. haha. i cant even stand second-hand smoke.

only the figuratively smoking are attractive.

okay, maybe you're a little turned off, and here's a tip: dont think of her face when you listen to her music. except Monkey Man. and Addicted.

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