Thursday, November 19, 2009


so here's what has been up:

new semester, old faces, old[er] college instructors and professors [joking]; people were getting sentimental but the first sem had to be cut short. i came dangling from the cut; i once loosely grasped for stable ground to get here, the second sem, the frontier to the internship.

the frontier to the internship.

so close i could smell it; the scent dancing with the overwhelming extravagance of real-life cases with real, live, breathing, cursing, people waiting to be restored [and become optimally functional, as pedrosa would always say], and possible heavy drama involving some people and myself. maybe ill get a rare case, like someone with progeria, and dwarfism, halitosis, and a mood problem, all at the same time; or piles of boring, everyday cases, like tendinitis-es, a bunch of bell's, or hands to dip into paraffin; but maybe i wouldnt care right now.

i wouldnt get too excited though, because i am, as of now, not entirely confident of my skills as a student. there'd be a load of reviewing and additional research to spark my interest, to make the dull a bit more like scintillating.

rapport enthusiastically built, but brain memory for treatment erased;
precautions taken all into consideration, but body mechanics fail;
machine operation by the book, but patient comfort overlooked;
moralistic judgment could be correct, but ethics poor;
book-smart but not street-smart;
IQ but not EQ;
smiles, but no after care;
treatment okay, but could be better;

and so on and so forth. there are a million, or jontillion[if there is such a quantity], things one could overlook, and im not the only one. many could be sharing my sentiments, and the odds are almost always against us.

so, just go forth.
because, is there any other way but fight?

**btw, i have an extra goniometer. its big and plastic and looks sturdy. it's about 12 inches in length. cost me around 12-13 USD, plus shipping. ask me for the price, if youre interested.

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