Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hmmm mmm. there really is not much to be said.

daybreak is the best time.

best time to blog i mean- when no bull takes place.

its the calm of the daytime, the cold mist, though it doesnt reach this living space where i am in, its comforting. kind of soft. and the chilling effect of the fog reminds me to brew coffee. which i will, in a few moments. not right now.

its a time to think.

thoughts in my head have already been published as status messages on facebook, along my recent achievements in mafia wars, vampire wars, cafe world, fishville, farmville, island paradise, blah blah blah. the kind of frivolous shit we kids nowadays get into, and thus avoid the actual sun, and the actual farm crops, and the waiting of tables in restaurants.

i sometimes wish for ghosts to appear.


there are NO ghosts.
the closest thing ive experienced are clouds of deadly farts and pollution. plus overexposed pictures, which are funny.
so there.

the Ampatuan case really shook. the massacre was abominable. it was an attack to the integrity of the government's assurance of safety. it came as stark, maddening, simple, unhidden, riddled with clues. there could be nothing now that could make the killers pay, as we all know how well crime can be concealed under this government. and only assumptions would try to prove it, and by then everything had been forgotten.

hmm mmm. anyway, i got to get to my study now. cerebral palsy ain't goin' to learn itself by itself.

btw, im selling my extra goniometer for 650php. 15 US Dollars, when converted, costs more.

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