Saturday, November 14, 2009

Playlist for my head and ailing, aching [put organ made majorly of cardiac muscle and blood]

The Amy Winehouse playlist i have in my phone, and in my head too, narrates how bad i am feeling, and how sick i am of all those that have come, all these at hand, all of which i could just happily let fall onto the floor and watch them shatter to shards, and all that are coming [son-of-a-bitch, stop nooow!].

now i talk [''write'', albert, you idiot] too much; so here, i have my exceptions; and what i am putting in exception from all above are: academics [never again! though i have some beef with ptsem, not due to the fracas i have put myself in last sem, and that'd be bullshit if i had felt pissed-off; but on account of the course in itself{elaboration later}], myself [seriously, why self-blame in these times?] & and my hard-earned friends [hmm hmmm hmmm].

the Amy Winehouse playlist:
1. Tears Dry On Their Own
2. 'Round Midnight
3. You Sent Me Flying
4. Back To Black

i am happy to state here that amy winehouse hasnt yet influenced me enough to smoke weed, or smoke anything. i drink, and that's sure to take place some time next month [december]. anyway.

ptsem literally, to some great [colossal] extent, kills my creative writing skills. nothing can be as gruesome, and as serious, as austere and appropriate as goal-writing. funny, as if anyone would do otherwise. maybe paris hilton would.

O: VS: BP - kinda normal, RR - totally normal, TEMP - that's hot. but, like, still normal.

OI: wears clothes that are apparently on sale. not hot. not very cute or handsome. wouldnt do him.

STG - 1. To, like, get well soon so he can, like, get out of here.
LTG - 1. Pt should, like, get pec implants and work out so he could be handsome.

**attempt at 'funny'ends here**

so, how else does ptsem aggravate my dying, gutted, 'austere'-ised dream of creative writing? grammar, as i always try to remember, should at all times be correct, or closest to correct. it's a sickness, me and grammar. i know i've done so much wrong with it, and im making amends.

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