Tuesday, November 24, 2009

RESMETH! in here i publisheth thee.

here's a frustration-driven blog:

i wend to the EBP poster exhibit, made my paper, but did not yet print it, because my printer had ran out of ink [thank you, full-color photos]. then i missed the chance to do so, because it was late, then rejected ultimately.

after the set of criteria i made for a selection among all the papers, which took all day.

but im okay now. no one is to blame, apparently.

should i blame M'Che? i wouldnt dare. seriously, i think it'd be just bad. stark bad.
and i cant blame me any more than how much i am killing myself over it.

so i blame the inkless printer, and the stores that arent 24/7 open, and those that are open 24/7 but dont sell ink cartridges[like 7-11, mini-stop, and McDonald's].

but-of-course, blame me, why dont you, albert?

so here is the paper. its kind of lame, but it's worth points, and it deserves to be published somehow [as in this blog].

because there is nothing more that makes my heart sadder than unpublished, unrealized effort. [more than heartbreaks]

yes. it is kind of weird that the paper is in prose, not enumerated; that it obviously was written with TLC. but it was because i cared for the paper itself. i made time for it.

so there. at least none of the other papers were published on blogs. haha. so in a way, it's a win. well, somehow.

something is bothering me: Sharon cuneta's commercial about those her not finding it easy to use Broth cubes.

here's a point: If you cant successfully 'melt' those broth cubes in hot water, as you're cooking, then you are an idiot. if you need to crush them against the side of the pot with a ladle, you are an idiot.

it's either the water's fault, or it the laws of physics are bent therein that pot of boiling water, not allowing certain particles to accelerate.

i cook, and those things arent hard to deal with. WTH, they'd disintegrate in a pinch!

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