Wednesday, March 17, 2010

College is non-contact, HARDCORE s&m.

It’s been a long time, keyboard.

Lately I’ve been using the mouse to navigate the net. And the keyboard I use only for doing the cool window rolling thing [windows button between ctrl and alt + tab], but it works only on vista onwards, so don’t bother trying it on your XP or 98 or MAC. I also use the keyboard to copy-paste [but not journals, take note; I avoid plagiarism and infringement as much as I can], and type my name onto papers.

all of the above is caused by THE facebook [by no means do I exalt the site by placing 'the' in capital letters before it], my indirect source of stress, and flirting superhighway [flirting with danger, that is]. Flirting with danger, exactly. Because one can never be too private. And with facebook, investigating on someone [aka stalking] is easy as fcuk.

But forget it. My keyboard's aroused. I shall relieve it.

So lately I’ve been listening to musicals. ["musical-turned-movie", let me clear. how else should I get the OST?]

I download the OST, put it into my phone and listen to it. I delete it [the album] right away if I don’t like it; if it’s likeable I keep it and listen to it on the morning commute. Usually the album is on replay for a week, sometimes a month. And sometimes I listen to old Amy winehouse, or Daniel merriweather, or daft punk if I feel like it.

I got rent's both albums. I like it. With all the dialogue in between and the album being digital, compared to the live versions on YouTube, which were captured on Broadway. The jumpy-quality and the emotional notes kept me. I like Love Heals more than Seasons of Love.

The OST of Wicked the musical was mushy, cheesy. Not a particle of burnt on it. Lacked the spiked feel I was looking to hear. But it stays. Kristin Chenoweth has great legs.

Phantom of the opera is still in the torrent downloader. I can’t seem to continue with the downloading since my time's not enough. And schoolwork's just horribly eating away at every opportunity of life.

Hay. As my latest facebook status states:

College is non-contact, HARDCORE S&M.

S&M means sadomasochism. The girl usually dresses up in leather tights and wields a whip. And the slave's the boy. I bet you know completely what I am talking about.

Look for the status, LIKE it if you like it. Tell me why I should revise it. I don’t recant, so let's compromise. College is whipping me and I am liking the pain.


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