Monday, March 29, 2010

Overheard at the Airport

No, not overheard from all over the Airport. Just in front me, actually.

A little family of three was sitting right in front of me at the airport, all of us waiting at for the flight. And me being so close to them gives me the right to eavesdrop [while pretending to text and call my mom and biatch] on every conversation.

Like this one:

Brother: Hey, Ate, mom’s bought you a Longchamps bag…[holding a package]
Sister: Really? Where is it?
B: …from the Duty-Free. Here. [Hands her the package]
S: [surprised face, big eyes stay big the whole time] Wow. Really?
B: Really, it’s yours.
S: Really? [tries to open the bag]
B: NO-hahahaha! That’s mom’s. I asked her if I can prank you, she said yes; so I did.
S: [goes back to playing her Nintendo DS] ok…

Big woman arrives from the Duty-Free shops.

Momma: You saw the bag?

S: ...yeah...[turns to DS]
B: Ma, I pranked her! I totally did…
Ma: But it’s really yours.
S: REALLY? But I thought it’s yours…
Ma: No, we’ll BORROW each other. [opens her MacBook] Ok? Now be quiet.

Albert, sitting in front of them, tries to silent a snicker.

-the end-

This family is going to meet with the father. And we rode the plane; they sat a few seats behind me. We even were in the same line at immigration. And I saw them with the dad.

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