Monday, March 29, 2010

Random Days

The use of random to describe a collection is endemic. I understand why. What I don’t understand is why it comes up too often. Is it still unexpected when everything's labeled as random? All of them are random, maybe miscellaneous, bits and pieces that do not constitute a single, concrete thought and people bask in the fun of posting it. Just posting it.

I haven’t slept much, because I’m trying to prove something, and the thing is finally proved, sadly. Anyway, there is nothing more fun than being random, like this post that I conjured out of nothing, while waiting to be vindicated of my sad point.

So much for dreaming [words of a little girl. HA!].

But summer's not over yet [hoping for a summer fling, maybe? HA! HA!].

I’m here, locked up. and right in front of me I see my future getting built up[I don’t know what to call it when all your family talks about how your future would be like, when they continue controlling your feet for you.]. Then it is a straight face for me to show them; I couldn’t screw up my face. Both sides would never know what would [or COULD] happen but as of now the chances of my independence surviving is nil, zilch.

I know how to get out of this rut but I don’t have the motivation to. [I used to, but had just lost it]. I could really get away [easily], with only myself to look out for and these youthful knees of mine. The world is a gaping hole of the young and the restless, I should try it, give it a dive; I should stretch my luck and let my fingers do my work for me.

I shouldn't give in to 'but’s.

[And this is how you do random, Albert-style.]

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