Saturday, April 17, 2010

I "status"like these.

But I've managed to keep most under the 250[is it?] character mark.

And no one can say that i didn't mean them;

Because I was just speaking my mind.

But talking about grandstanding,

there is nothing like that

going on.

Sometimes, they get so cryptic,

but i do not mean to confuse.

Just laugh if you

find the amusing.

They're not meant to be funny, though.

And I really do not have much time for study, meaning I have less time for sleep.

But a rhetorical question is worth the time. It is worth my time - is it worth yours?

No one can help posting about the internship.

And hope for the [much-awaited and much-prepared-for] potential Internship Syndrome.

But depression stays. flirting does not always help root it out.

And where depression is, there confusion starts to worsen.
Making one want to bang his head
against his keyboard.

And having done it is a long way from just wanting it.

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