Saturday, July 23, 2011

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me – The Smiths

Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me – The Smiths

" hope, no harm;

Just another false alarm."

I get something, smile, and verbally feign delight and gratefulness, then go. Stories end like this most of the time.

When a particularly perfect situation presents itself, of course a prospect is born, and a normal person would want to grab it. he would want it -he's want to feel it against his own skin, while gripping it with every bone, muscle and strength of his two hands; if it breathed, he'd share a lung with it by breathing its brerath; if it had eyes, he'd look at it deeply and as if it could be devoured. and he'd whisper to it -promises, pledges and the longing for moments to last longer.

but response is variable. Things have a will.

I could have been describing Gollum of lord of the rings. I was not, but I am waiting for the prequel to LOTR.


Desire is underrated. Love is overrated. In between the two I could not distinctly see -it is a shade of unreadable gray. Anywhere but the gray, I could be hovering somewhere: desire or love. Hopefully, I am closer to desire. I have never understood love, while desire I am fully aware of; I desire for a lot of things. Desiring is one thing I am fully capable of, and with any signal I could instantly give myself to wanting something. But how would I come to be acquainted with love?

Never mind. Being in love is technically being in a state of foolishness. Testimonial evidence describes it to be something close to being warm and happy, at the same time. Sweat could be an issue, but then one could be too happy with feeling loved that it doesn’t matter anymore if armpits get wet. How is this not foolish? Giving up one's own comfort in pursuit of love?

Words have been put together to describe the greatness of love: 'the loveliest feeling on earth'; 'keeps you warm, gives you joy'; 'shields you from certain spells'. And some just put in a word: 'beautiful', 'magnificent', 'enduring', 'tough'. And as the days go by, the dictionary keeps giving out new words to put label on how love feels.

I just wish to fully comprehend how, with all words combined; it all would be felt as warm and a bit "ticklish".

I am bad at this. I mean blogging. But I still do not care if you read this or not.

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