Friday, August 12, 2011

How I Write

How i write.

Normally -or times when i feel normal, i bleed then use the blood to write. Or i cry then use tears to make my pen work.


Now when i bleed or cry, i use a keyboard to write.

Nonsense. So here i shall describe the many useless things i do before i finally publish a post, which i always like to read and go over again.

On my ipod, using the notes app, i write the blurbs, words, things that keep me awake at night. It is practically like scraping sediments off the bottom and sides of a very old, rusty watering can with a spoon, then thinking about what to do with the gunk afterwards. These bits of words, these ideas that make sense only to me (of course), this pile of muddy, sandy, blackish ick, usually end up getting pushed in between paragraphs and, indirectly, help me settle my mind. The paragraphs i don't need to be consistent with each other, nor helpful to anyone else' well-being but my own, since Im the worst insomniac that i know and I have problems i need to resolve.

And i don't mind having an online showcase for a diary. I cannot explain why nor how i want to be read and yet not be spontaneously relating scandalous engagements -because i could, but i just cant.

So i scramble the tidbits into a mush, and form paragraphs out of it. However crudely I've made the paragraphs, it doesn't matter -spellcheck irons them out.

Then click+hold; choose copy; press Home button; open Productivity folder; open Pages app; click+hold; choose paste. Then all the misspelled words are underlined red; i edit the spelling a.k.a. change 'im' to 'I'm', etc.

Why i don't write directly with the Pages app is a ritual. I just need to use the Notes app first. Im now boring you, unwary reader.

Then i open a blogging app, paste what I've done on Pages, then i publish it.

Then i read it after publishing it.

Again, i cant just go directly to the blogger app, in spite of it being made for writing, editing and publishing. I have to have my useless process.

I have the same ritual when using the PC to post: Notepad, Word then Chrome (to go to

Absolute nonsense.

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