Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It is 6 in the Morning.

It is 6 in the morning.

I shouldnt have taken alcohol hours ago -approximately 5. I was alone then, and bored and restless. I thought being dizzy helps with sleep. Apparently, i am not that familiar with alcohol.

So here is a problem, which i might have told you before, and im stating it again, and im going to garble it again so you wont get it clearly -think Windtalkers: i feel like ive just been pulled off a fishing hook. Imagine a fish, just caught by a line, with its lips hanging onto a set of acutely curved hooks. Several holes punched onto both lips, apart and almost bent outward, the fish struggles to pull away with every bodily flail.

But it dies anyway.

I, on the other hand -or hook, survive. But i wanted to get hooked and "die". I prefer death over freedom, or at least i did for a brief time.

I was hooked but was pulled away. The hooks gave away. The line split. The rod broke in half. The fisherman died. The fishing boat sank. A tsunami occured. Lightning struck rocks and caused a boulder to roll down a cliff and ricocheted off the rough terrain and hit the fisherman on the heaf. The gods went crazy. Berserk. They misfired lightning bolts. The planet reversed its rotation then went back again.

The bottomline is that no one knows how i got off the hook. Being just a fish, i do not know why the hell that happened happened.

And that question keeps me awake

It brings anguish, actually. Sporadic bouts of helpless, unreasonable anger. No one is at fault And no one is willing to take blame.

I am but a fish. I am unaware.

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Seth said...


"just keep swimming
just keep swimming
just keep swimming swimming..."

- Dory