Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Physically, the worst feeling.

And yes i stand among those blinded by the light.

And right again, the facts are there waiting in the bright and lonely daylight.

I want to document my feelings and thoughts in this moment just so id remember, and since no one else reads me but myself.

I feel weird to start with. Weird and tired yet i want to stand up and talk but no one is awake. I feel alone. In the daylight, i am in the dark. The confusion is worse then anything; reality is becoming clear but the boundaries are just forming.

Im restless, confused, tired and i feel alone. Something is needed to be done to bring me back into my normal sync, something out of the ordinary, just to get the gears running again.

He cogs up in my head are turning too rapidly as the remaining machinery that is my body is asleep. I want to sleep yet a voice is shouting, telling me to wake up.

I need to feel good.

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