Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dont get tired of me, because i think i might have a new problem.

There is this wave of sad, sad sorrow -obviously, i cant reiterate enough how dark and gloomy it is, and it is blocking the sun. It feels like a hand is gripping my heart, or blackened rotting roots trying to swallow what\'s in the middle of my chest. Of course it doesnt feel right, and im losing sleep and at the same time losing lung capacity because of smoking, as this boy is a stress smoker. Frankly i dont know what to do, and i cant well force myself to stop moping, despite my lesser waves of depressive moods, all of which i have survived. This agony feels very manageable, but i have nothing to stop it or avoid its course. I may as well sit and wait but, well, it is hard to deal with.

Look at me analyze my depression.

Anyway, writing has always been the one and only cure for when i am troubled. There is nothing better than telling a piece of paper and not a living soul about one\'s own mental anguish. Honestly, i cant think of anyone mentally fit to listen to me mumble. Besides, i wouldnt know how to say it.

Let the crazy people rest.

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inye said...

hey hey. how are ya?