Monday, April 9, 2012

I have to get my ass off the couch

I have to get my ass off the couch.

I really do.

It has been more than six months that i have been unemployed. I have never been formally employed, but i have experience. I have experienced some forms of work: housechores (cooking, baking, making the bed), hospital grunt work (i am a PT graduate, which i still cant believe), and writing(take this out of my portfolio). I've done some online content writing for an international website (i have to keep reminding myself this or else i'll risk forgetting that I have a decent portfolio) --mostly captions, but still, published.

In my opinion, I deserve something decent and not something bordering illegal and underground. Or a job description that sounds catchy, and that's all of it.

There is a position that i want to have in a certain international company that does international work, but the wait is not worth it.

Also, i want to a certain position in a magazine, but they have not responded yet.

An online store. No response.

A certain office serving international clients miles high. No response.

My dilemma is that i know what i want but they take too long to respond. I am losing the rational voice in my head to depression, and this is the dullest ive ever been. On the outside, my days are fine, sometimes great; but come the nights and i blanket myself with sadness. Life is unfair, but why cant i be on the winning side, just for a day, to get a really good chance? Im ripe, and i am up for anything. Give me something, and i'll be the man for it. Desperation gives me the guts, and my boredom fuels me. But behind these, i really want those posts.

I have had my ass buried in the couch too long.

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