Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I spent the day trying to confuse myself.

And here i am, a deer in headlights. I am dazed and more confused.

I never knew why i do things to make my life miserable. Maybe it is just me. Or maybe this stormy bed weather makes it feel that way,
and i'll be alright come the sun.

For posterity i am going to enumerate things i have done, hopefully not in vain, to make myself feel less like my normal self, which is depressed:
1. Ate.
2. Prayed. Im a Catholic and i love having a silent, fervent prayer when the moments turn vicious.
3. I swiped plastic for a headset. I am now waiting for Betty's monster of an email. The headset is expensive.
4. Walked around a mall (with my newly bought headset on, of course). Did i defeat the purpose by shutting myself in with my loud music, instead of interacting with people? I think i did. So this might have been a complete bust.
5. Tried having sex. Failed. Another bust.

My purpose is to remind myself that in the future i have to think of better things to waste my time on. What you do, Albert, is out of the ordinary. Because you are abnormal.

Thank you.

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