Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Fruitless Lamentation (of which I hope I am wrong about).

A fruitless lamentation (of which I hope I am wrong about).

So today marks the nth day of wandering about the world with no real gratification at hand. Yes, satisfaction is being had from having (finally) something to do, albeit not in the place I had I mind. Well, on the matter of it not being what I have always wanted, it is really not where I want to find myself. So, true. I am not running out of time or anything, but my choices and chances have dwindled. And so, here my two feet are somewhat buried in a mound of no less than proverbial shit.

But of course, with all things considered and some said things willed to play to my liking, I may get what I want. See, to capitalise on something one must only know where to capitalise mainly on, and then find the connection between the circumstances now and the circumstances later.

But enough of that. I came to talk about money. Money is hard to come by, especially with both my feet quite invested deeply in a heap of deepshit. I don’t know how talking about it helps, but what I have in mind is none of your business. I may be on to something here and could be doing myself some real live counselling. I talk to myself this way, by writing. Weird isn’t it? But still, none of your business. 

So I have never seen myself selling anything, and this current thing requires that. What should I do? Well, first I tried to embrace it. I found out that it is as easy as taking a college program a million miles away from what I have grown to love: not easy. It is like putting a two-tier cake whole in my mouth. So I had to eat piece by piece until the love is ripe.

First I got myself interested on the idea of sales. Some can do, some can learn. Had I not wanted to learn how to do salestalk-ing, I would’ve wrung my own tiny neck like a washcloth. The truth is, the idea has sold itself to me because it is interesting. To make capable people aware that they, in fact, need something, that is amazing. And it doesn’t involve coaxing, which makes the idea more wonderful. And besides, learning about something new isn’t so bad. At the end of the day, if I come out sale-less, at least I have gained something.

What the hell.

Of course, after getting myself interested I had to undergo training. The training was fine. As usual, I made zero friends, but made zero enemies either. Well, of course I might’ve irritated some people but they don’t count as enemies. A disclaimer: I didn’t top my class, but wasn’t the worst there was (not actually confirmed but I suggest you believe me).

So almost a month post-training, here I am, with nothing solid as proof that my life has had a turnaround.
But then again, I had no expectations as to where this will get me. See, I just confused myself once again. I was in for a surprise, and I told myself that. It is from an interest to learn, to learning, to finishing training and now to doing whatever.

Hopefully, doing what I can does lead me to something.